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About the Brand

Ancient handwork and techniques with modern treatment along with texture of fabric and silhouettes creates ensembles that are chic and contemporary with the culture being intact - Astha Narang

Approach Plan

With our love for delivering perfection, We foster approach strategies for each client that facilitates them to flourish throughout the digital landscape. Navigating a uniquely cultivated plan, each label records a growth that resonates both digitally and emotionally.

Creative Strategy

Astha Narang's creative strategy revolves around seamlessly merging ancient handwork and techniques with a modern twist, celebrating the rich cultural heritage. The emphasis lies in presenting ensembles that are not only chic and contemporary but also deeply rooted in tradition. The visual narrative will highlight the intricate craftsmanship, showcasing the journey from ancient inspirations to modern interpretations. Engaging storytelling through social media, video content, and immersive experiences will convey the essence of each creation. Collaborations with fashion influencers and artists will bring authenticity and diversity to the brand, positioning Astha Narang as a curator of chic, culturally-rich fashion.

Client-Centric Solutions

Astha Narang prioritizes client-centric solutions to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele. The brand's website offers a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to explore the collection, providing detailed insights into the craftsmanship, and offering sizing guides. Customization options enable clients to personalize their ensembles, creating a unique and tailored experience. The commitment to customer satisfaction is reinforced through responsive customer service, easy returns, and a transparent communication channel. Exclusive previews, early access to collections, and loyalty programs contribute to a sense of belonging and appreciation, fostering long-lasting relationships with valued customers.


Astha Narang leverages performance marketing to strengthen its digital presence and drive sales. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest become key channels for showcasing the fusion of ancient and modern aesthetics. Paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google ensures strategic reach to the brand's target audience. Collaborations with influencers and fashion bloggers amplify brand awareness and credibility. Email marketing campaigns deliver curated content, exclusive updates, and personalized offers to a segmented audience. Continuous data analysis guides strategic optimizations, ensuring that the brand's digital marketing efforts are dynamic, targeted, and results-driven. Through this comprehensive strategy, Astha Narang aims not only to showcase its unique blend of tradition and modernity but also to build a community of fashion enthusiasts who appreciate cultural richness in contemporary fashion.



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